Iframe to integrate the booking process into a website that is not connected to the Andronautic system.


Product page

The iframe will be displayed next to the product content, with the height and width dimensions chosen.

In this case the booking process is to the right to the product content.

See example

Modal window

A button opens a modal window, a dialogue box that appears on the page.

Web re-routing

We can add a subdomain to your website, for example, where you can host the booking process for each product. You add a button on your tab and you have your booking engine running.

See example

How to edit the URL in the booking process?

In all three configuration cases there will be a common URL that will be added inside the iframe, modal window or web re-direction.

URL by product:

How to find the boat ID?

From the backoffice we access to boat list, if we move the mouse over the name of the boat, the URL will appear below in the browser where the boat ID appears.

Another way to find the ID is by accessing to the boat and from the browser URL we can copy the ID.